Social Work model(s) and practices in child protection: proposals for an integrated social answer

This project consists of an research in Social Work, about the child protection system in Portugal, in the context of the European Union. It seeks to analyze the social problem of children in deprotection situations, the competencies of the local Commissions for the Protection of Children and the methodologies of intervention of the Social Work.
For this, theoretical knowledge, methodological procedures and ethics that support the professional practice are systematized. Complexities, limits, conditions and possibilities of intervention of the social worker are discussed in the social, legal and political dimensions, based on the following objectives:
- Identify the models of protection and social welfare oriented towards children in Portugal considering the European context;
- Analyze the social dimension of protection and social welfare models and their specific guidelines for the organization of social responses addressed to children, with particular emphasis on the Commissions for the Protection of Children and Young People;
- To typify the role of social workers in their conceptual, operational and axiological dimensions, within the scope of the specific competences in the context of the Commissions;
- To systematize the theoretical-methodological, technical-operative and ethical-political references of intervention of the social workers;
- Establish the relationship between social needs and social responses to child protection in the context of protection and welfare models in Portugal.
In this discussion, the relationship between Social Work and welfare models for children presents potentialities in the field of research and debate in the public space for the improvement of child protection in contemporary societies.
From a methodological point of view, this research integrates several procedures, such as documentary analysis and an online questionnaire, to be applied to the Commissions for the Protection of Children and Young People at the national level that integrate social workers in their teams.

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