Scientific Mobility to and from Portugal: Production and Circulation of Knowledge in Highly-Skilled Immigration

Scientific mobility is one of the highly-skilled migration forms that have been gaining importance in European efforts to create a common European area for research; initiatives such as ERA, Marie Curie Fellowship, European Network of Mobility Centers and EURAXESS attest to this importance. Thus, this project aims to investigate how Portugal faces this reality. It is known that some initiatives were taken, such as Law 23/2007, facilitating the entry of international students and scientists in the country, research grant programs – FCT, the Gulbenkian and Champalimaud Foundation, Camões Institute – and several bilateral agreements between national and foreign institutions. Therefore, this proposal sets out to examine the impact of these actions in promoting the internationalization of Portuguese academia and to analyze the mobility trajectory taken by national and foreign researchers. In order to accomplish this goal, qualitative and quantitative methodologies will be employed, seeking to encompass the various dimensions of this phenomenon.

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