Towards new patterns of governance arrangements in healthcare? Taking Portugal as a case study on state, medicine and market

This project addresses questions on the complexity of new governance arrangements in healthcare. Building on existing studies, this broader discussion is drawn from Portugal by taking advantage of the context resulting from the 2011 bailout. The mandatory conditions accorded not only challenge the scientific debate on governance, but also provide one of the best environments in Europe to assess the range and limits for state-based forms of regulation over self-regulated spheres, as the medical profession and the profit-making sector. Another key-element is the in-depth insight into the defining principle of the profit-making sector, state and medical profession interests. Basically, how can we define the narrative that stands for professionalism, capitalism and state-oriented policies and how do they relate to each other? The analysis departs from the drug sector, the most expensive for public investment and the one that places in a closest position healthcare access, medical decision and for-profit interests.


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