Local Government in Portugal: political representation, leadership and the new elected mayors

What is the role of local government and its elites in the sustainable development of the territory and it’s dynamic? With the 2005 law that limited the terms of mayors and forced the replacement of 48% of them in this year’s local elections, is political representation and leadership at the local level about to change? After a study on Local Government in Portugal, which produced a database and an analysis of local elites replacement due to the 1974 regime transition (Almeida, 2013), I have the necessary skills and material support to study the new elected mayors, comparing them with the earlier ones, their programs and the solutions they present to solve the problems of the Portuguese territory. Will changing the people result in a new replacement of the group? Are party politics still the major force in local government or is there room for independents and citizen groups? (Almeida, 2008).

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