World News Publishers Anual Outlook

Executives worldwide want their organisations to be innovative. And, of course, news media firms always have been. Innovation – the process of transforming creative ideas into outputs with impact – has, and continues to be, the fuel that drives newsroom engines at every organisation. But wide-ranging changes compel us to rethink how we go about innovation in every part of our enterprises – across editorial, commercial, technology and operations. We also need to identify and develop new opportunities to sustain and grow our businesses.


Decisions about what to innovate and how to go about it fall largely to the company’s leadership, so the Innovation Research Group survey decision-makers worldwide in 11 languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. On an yearly basis, the Group produces and publishes an international report and several academic papers.


The survey’s questions look at four areas:


  • The profile of respondents, including the nature and activities of their firm;
  • Current revenue streams, financial performance during the past book year, and the anticipation of future revenue sources;
  • Specific priorities for change and investment in the next year and in the medium term (3-5 years); and
  • How leaders experience change and risk.
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