Clientes da Prostituição Travesti: Características e Práticas.

In Portugal, studies about sex work clients are rare and studies specifically on travestis clients simply do not exist. This contributes to the invisibility of these clients. Almost nothing is known about who resorts to travestis’ sexual services: Who are they? Which motivations drive their sexual interest? Which characteristics can be found in their commercial relations with travestis sex workers? How do they self-refer to their sexuality? And how do they deal with social stigma resulting from their behaviour (resource to prostitution and sexual interest in travestis)?
This investigation aims to know and characterize (i) clients of travestis sex workers; (ii) personal strategies used to manage the stigmatized identity; and (iii) practices developed with travestis prostitutes in street or apartment contexts.
Due to difficulties in locating, approaching and contacting this group of clients - self-nominated t-lovers - it will be necessary, at first, to develop an digital ethnography, namely on websites that aim to promote travestis sexual services and on discussion forums where t-lovers exchange experiences and obtain diverse information; and, secondly, to apply an online questionnaire in one of the forums, in order to obtain data to help characterize this population. This exploratory study will be the first, in Portugal, about clients of travestis sex workers.

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