Information visualization research

The multidisciplinary nature of information visualization is today fairly consensual in both professional and academic communities: data analysis, information design, storytelling, among many other subjects, are common drivers in this field.

The systematic study of this cross-fertilization represents an important and needed addition to the critical mass of a rather recent area of knowledge. Hence, the definition of the concept is still quite unsteady as it varies to some extent accordingly to the perspective being adopted.

The proposal of a single unified definition of the concept is beyond the scope of this project; instead, it summons and discusses information visualization’s multiple viewpoints to help designing a postgraduate course on the topic, aiming to simultaneously start an open debate on the matter as its implementation phase goes on and new questions are risen.

This project intends to increase the synergies between areas related to information visualization and dissemination of best visualization practices. Expected outcomes of the project should be participation in conferences that fall within the scope of the project and publication in selected journals.


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