New Chinese immigrant communities in Portugal

Since the beginning of the 21st century, migration and settlement of new Chinese communities in Europe (business migrants, highly skilled migrants, international students and lifestyle migrants) have been growing. In Portugal, the rise of Chinese migrants has followed this trend, demanding a better knowledge on their characteristics as an ethnic group, their migratory pathways and their social and professional trajectories. Current research on this community is still scarce and mainly focused on labour migrants, not considering their heterogeneity as a social group or geographic diversity. This project aims to contribute to the analysis of new Chinese communities in Portugal, through several specific aims: (i) comparative analysis of migratory and transnational flows between Portugal, Europe and China; (ii) characterization of their social, educational and cultural profiles; (iii) identification of their economic and professional activities, having in mind their entrepreneurial strategies, and the opportunities and constrains that they might be subject to; and (iv) the analysis of the trajectories of social integration of first and second generation migrants. The methods to be used in this project will be both quantitative (statistical data) and qualitative (semi-structured interviews, biographic interviews).


Sofia Gaspar (Coord.), Thaís França and Fernando Ampudia de Haro from CIES-IUL; Irene Rodrigues from Orient Institute, ISCSP-ULisboa.

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