Ethnography of student migration in Portugal

The aim of this project is to understand student migration in the urban settings of Lisbon and other Portuguese cities (Porto, Coimbra, Évora e Covilhã). Literature shows how international students' lifestyles, consumption patterns and modes of socializing, prompt processes of urban change in many cities. This project regards these impacts in a double direction: on the one hand the impacts caused by the presence of students over the city (studentification, transformations on urban production and consumption, reproduction of local imaginaries) and on the other hand the impact of urban experiences over students' subjectivities (transition to adulthood, construction of transnational biographies, individual and collective affirmation). In order to achieve the objectives qualitative methodologies will be displayed, focusing specially in an ethnographic approach on students' social lives, but also using quantitative instruments such as a survey to be launched in the 5 cities to student populations.

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