Art Policies: new horizons of citizenship

The core elements of this research feed into each other: the artistic-cultural productions of young people from the outskirts of Lisbon, their civic engagement and the public policies targeting them. Although peripheral youths continue to be problematized in the field of deviance and marginality, the growing importance of their artistic expressions has provided them with new visibility that is able to reposition it in the disputes by the contours of the society in which they live. The relationship between the artistic-cultural expressions and civic participation of peripheral youths is not ignored by the state. On the contrary, these populations have become the prime target of public and private investment in the handling of social problems for the purpose of “inclusion”. To analyze this process, I will conduct ethnographic fieldwork in three peripheral neighborhoods of Lisbon, where Programa Escolhas  and urban art projects take place. The current research project intends to assess the extent to which these public policies are capable of promoting the political and civic participation of young people to overcome segregation, stigmatization and violence with the aim of contributing in building more inclusive societies.

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