Internationalization and student mobility to Portugal

The project is on the interface of migration studies, public policies and education. Specifically, it is dedicated to i) internationalization of higher education in Portugal and ii) international student mobility (MEI) for Portugal. Currently, both topics have considerable prominence in the national agenda given its importance to the economic and social growth of the country. The relevance of the study is justified by the increasing pressure from the European Union (EU) for improvements in the community levels of internationalization of higher education and student mobility. In Portugal, the phenomena present a unique configuration, as only in the last ten years these areas started to gain more structured investments. Moreover, the peculiarities of Portuguese society - the participation of (EU) and the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries, the late development of the higher education system, the recent colonial past, and the economic value of the Portuguese language – give new features to it. The project investigates different analytical contexts: historical, political and social; institutional and local strategies; national and regional interests. It uses qualitative and quantitative methodologies and gender analyses is transversal to it.

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