Social inequalities and classes in Europe: objectives of the sustainable development

The work plan entitled “Social inequalities and classes in Europe: objectives of the sustainable development” [(In)Equality 2030], will focus on the causes and the consequences of the increasing of contemporary social inequalities, namely in the European social space. Having as horizon the objectives of sustainable development (UN Agenda 2030), the research will develop a system of indicators capable of consolidating new scientific advances about: i) the structure of European inequality; ii) the digital, informational and knowledge society; iii) the future of work and its institutions; iv) the liberal democracies and their forms of collective action; and v) the well-being and social progress. Such scientific advances will enrich the theories of inequalities and social classes which, taking as empirical bases the construction of a matrix of social causalities referring to the European social space, will supplant the current monolithic and opaque views of the European integration, cohesion and convergence.

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