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European Researchers Night 2018 

On September 28, 2018, CIES-IUL participated in the European Researchers' Night with two activities led by members of the interdisciplinary project team "Cities in change: participatory processes in Portugal and Brazil" (FCT/CAPES, 2016-18). This project brought together a collective of Portuguese and Brazilian social scientists who studied the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon from various perspectives.





Informal heritage:

sounds and colours in the urban landscape




> Music Improvisation | Combo GeraJazz


Within the scope of the Generation Orchestra's sociopedagogical project, which aims to provide successful educational paths and social inclusion through music, we listened to the musical work of Combo GeraJazz:


Eduardo Lala (musical direction), Juvânia (voice), Rodrigo (trumpet), Lamine (piano), Evanilda (double bass) and Mateus (drums).





> Guides of Quinta do Mocho | Create your own Mural

The Guides of Quinta do Mocho showed their work and the murals of the neighbourhood, which has become the largest open-air urban art gallery in Europe.

Guides: Emanuela Kalemba e Kally Meru






The National Museum of Rio de Janeiro in the 1st person | Talk


We heard the testimony of two PhDs in Social Anthropology from the PPJAS of the National Museum of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Alessandra Barreto - UFF, RJ, Brazil and Julia O'Donnell - UFRJ, RJ, Brazil), less than one month after the major fire that hit the headquarters of the National Museum, destroying almost the entire collection on display.




The conversation also included the participation of:


Mariana Soler - IHC-CEHFCi-U.E.


Moderation: Cristiane Bastos-Silveira - IICT/MUHNAC/ULISBOA







CIES-IUL: Graça Cordeiro  (coord.) | Otávio Raposo |  Ricardo Bento

UFF: Renata de Sá Gonçalves (coord.) | Alessandra Barreto

UFRJ: Julia O’Donnell




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