Nelson Alves Ramalho awarded with APAV Research Award 2019
Portuguese Association for Victim Support


The Portuguese Association for Victim Support promoted the APAV Award ceremony for Research 2019 on 12 December at its Headquarters in Lisbon.


The winner of the fifth edition of the APAV Prize for Research was Nélson Alves Ramalho, with the work "Virar Travesti: Trajectórias de Vida, Prostituição e Vulnerabilidade Social". This work, developed in the scope of the PhD at Iscte - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (University Institute of Lisbon), at the Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology, is the result of five years of research and experience with the transvestite sex worker population.


Portraying a social group that has been neglected by society and institutions, this work fills gaps in scientific knowledge, with relevant gains not only for the problematization of gender and sexuality, but also for the "desocultation" and visibility of the transvestite population. The dynamics of victimisation that plague this population must be the motto for a more concerted intervention with especially vulnerable groups, in which the transvestite population is included.



 The APAV Prize for Research, established by APAV with the support of the Montepio Foundation, is intended to reward scientific research work on themes or problems related to the mission of the Association: "to support victims of crime, their families and friends by providing them with quality, free and confidential services and to contribute to the improvement of public, social and private policies focused on the status of the victim".

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