Media and Culture

Communications and media research focuses on developing research on individual, collective and institutional behaviour mediated by different forms of mass communication, mass self-communication, one-to-many mediated and interpersonal multimedia communication in the framework of networked communication.

Media and communications research at Iscte follows an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on the theories and methods of a range of social science disciplines as they apply to the media.


Gustavo Cardoso
Gustavo Cardoso
José Soares Neves
José Soares Neves

At CIES-Iscte media and communications studies focuses on various subjects ranging from networked journalism, its professional and business Practices, to the political economy of entertainment and news. Research also has a strong focus on studies of social dynamics of the Internet, including among them disinformation studies, social networks studies, digital piracy and health communication.

Media, Culture and Community studies, with a strong focus on Literacy studies and audiences together with studies on rhetoric and political communication, complete the range of research interests developed at CIES-Iscte.

The group's activities focus on several interrelated areas of arts and culture, policy, management and mediation, institutions, social inclusion, access, participation, audiences and cultural reception, cultural and creative industries, and creative and cultural work.



Arts and culture;
Cultural and creative sectors.