"The State of Inclusive Education in Portugal" reveals cases of discrimination

The 2nd International Seminar of Núcleo de Estudos de Deficiência of Iscte - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, took place on 7th December with the theme "Inclusive Education in Portugal: State of the Art, Paths and Future Challenges".


The event was attended by experts and professionals in the field of inclusive education in Portugal, including the Secretary of State for Inclusion, Ana Sofia Antunes, and guest keynote speaker Dr Gareth Hughes from the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education.




The initiative of Núcleo de Estudos da Deficiência was marked by the presentation of the study on the state of inclusive education in Portugal. The study found that around a quarter of respondents reported that their pupils or families had been discriminated against and mistreated in the school environment.
Discriminatory remarks based on disability were highlighted as one of the most common actions by the research team leading the study.


Fotografias por José Sequeira (Iscte)


The seminar, which preceded the National Day of Disabled Persons on 9 December, was also a time to share and reflect on the state of inclusive education in the national and international context. It also allowed for the establishment of partnerships between Iscte and other institutions in the field of disability to highlight the importance of the issue not only for research but for society in general.


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