CIES at the 5th edition of the Employability Forum



CIES was present at the 5th edition of the Employability Forum, a networking initiative aimed at the ISCTE community, organized by the School of Sociology and Public Policy and the School of Social Sciences and Humanities.


The aim of this event is to provide ECSH and ESPP students and recent graduates with new knowledge, as well as contact and networking opportunities in order to develop employability skills and tools for adapting to the different professional challenges of a demanding and ever-changing job market. Under the slogan "Make your own way", this year's programme focused on 'Youth Employment', the diversity of paths and strategies for success, with workshops and stands from organizations and companies that will be potential employers of Social Sciences and Public Policy graduates.


CIES was represented by its research structures -, Observatório Português das Atividades Culturais, Observatório da Democracia e da Representação Política and the Laboratório de Inovação Metodológica - which provided visitors with information about their research careers, their work and projects, as well as clarifying and informing them about possible opportunities for collaboration, internships and employment.


  Sónia Pintassilgo | Laboratório de Estudos Sociais sobre o Nascimento -


 Laboratório de Inovação Metológica -


 Livino Neto | Observatório da Democracia e da Representação Política


 Maria João Lima e Sofia Macedo | Observatório Português das Atividades Culturais


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