Inequality, Work and Social Well-Being

The Inequality, Work and Social Well-Being research group has as its central objective to contribute to the production of knowledge about living conditions and welfare in complex societies, crossed by diverse processes of social change..


Renato Miguel do Carmo
Renato Miguel do Carmo
Rosario Mauritti
Rosário Mauritti

The research carried out, anchored in plural theoretical and methodological approaches, analyzes the mechanisms and trends of the re-composition of social inequalities and the reconfiguration of the world of work in different contexts, territorial scales, and relational frameworks, as well as their impacts and effects on the conditions of recognition, social protection, and participation in social life and in the labor sphere.

Research on the State, institutions, and social policies, on their own and in articulation with the previous issues, also have a relevant presence in the research undertaken, with differentiated impacts on the design and evaluation of these and other public policies.

The research has known a growing internationalization in terms of diversity and quality of publications, as well as the establishment of networks and scientific and institutional collaborations.


alliance of six Iscte research centers working in social sciences and digital technologies with relevance to public policy.
Collaborative Laboratory for Labour, Employment and Social Protection.


Inequality and social classes;
Poverty and social exclusion;
Work, employment, economy;
Territories, Welfare and social policies.