Urban Transformations in Macau
29 setembro 2021 | 14h30 | Online


Webinar - Encontros de Estudos sobre a China 

Urban Transformations in Macau



Dennis Zuev

Researcher at CIES-Iscte

Associate researcher at Instituto Oriente, ULisboa

Member of Urban Transitions Hub, UL



Alexandra Paio




Socially and historically sensitive geographical understandings of urban transformations are crucial for analysis of Chinese urbanisation and coastal cities. The city of Macau has undergone fundamental urban fragmentation, facing transport problems and environmental inequalities. Land scarcity encourages dense and incremental urban expansion, and the city’s urban planning strategy uses land reclamation to create new urban zones. This presentation discusses preliminary findings of the project that aims to develop understanding of emerging territorialisation in Macau as a coastal city. It further interrogates the changing role and identity of Macau in Greater Bay Area and explores how new urban spaces created for social and economic development may lead to further urban fragmentation.




Meeting ID: 890 457 190 60


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Organização: Sofia Gaspar, Cátia Miriam Costa, Thais França