Fórum de Pesquisas CIES 2011 - Area Studies Revisited: The Many Faces of an Interdisciplinary Field. Launching Conference of the Comparative and Transnational Studies Research Line
20 janeiro 2012



Welcome & Introductory Remarks: António Firmino da Costa, Fernando Luís Machado, Tobias Schumacher


Area studies between local designs, regionalisation and globalisation: what relevance, what added value?
Chair: Marc Renaud


Bert Hoffmann, Raquel Freitas, Andrés Malamud 


The comparison and area studies: analytical challenges revisited

Chair: Catherine Moury


Dennis Zuev, Beatriz Padilla, Sarah Mahler


The many faces of transnationalism in area studies: comparing actors, structures, policies and disciplines

Chair: Angela Movileanu


Jörn Dosch, Ioannis Grigoriadis, Britta Baumgarten


From area studies to global studies? Analysing the latest trends of an emerging discipline in a cross-regional perspective 

Chair: Ana Maria Evans


Ronald Holzhacker, Remus Anghel, Peggy Levitt


End of conference 

Beatriz Padilla, Tobias Schumacher


Organização: Beatriz Padilla, Tobias Schumacher