CIES-Iscte discusses new methodological challenges and perspectives


The CIES-Iscte Research Forum returned on the afternoon of 26 January with the theme "Reflexivity and Methodological Innovation in the Social Sciences".

The initiative provided the opportunity to exchange of ideas and experiences, highlighting the importance of constant reflection on the methodologies used in the social sciences and challenging participants to rethink approaches and consider new paths for research, recognising the complexities inherent in the study of society.


The event featured presentations of ongoing and completed research at the centre, which offered a comprehensive overview of the different lines of research, while also serving as a motto for an enriching debate and dialogue among those present.


Throughout the afternoon, the importance of methodologies in the social sciences was discussed, highlighting them not only as a challenge to be overcome, but also as an opportunity to reinvent the field. The ability to innovate in methodological approaches is seen as fundamental to facing contemporary challenges and keeping the social sciences relevant and connected to the dynamics of society.


The programme was organised into four thematic sessions. The first session focused on the challenges posed by the diversification of sources in the social sciences, in particular overcoming the problem of omission and/or translation in primary and secondary sources. The second panel presented different strategies for researching and evaluating public policies, combining classic and innovative techniques with different subjects. The third session presented and reflected on issues and problems of an epistemological, ethical and results presentation nature in qualitative research strategies. Finally, the fourth and last panel discussed different ways of approaching and studying challenging subjects, from participatory methods to the growing incorporation of digital technology.


The Research Forum is an annual event that gives visibility to the research carried out at CIES, promoting debate between successive generations of researchers.






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Photos by José Sequeira & Sofia Rocha