Education and Science

This Research Group focuses its scientific work on the social domains of education and science, two of the most important institutional spheres constituting society today.

he research that is developed by the researchers of this Group takes into account the specificities of each of these social spheres, but also the multiple and dense relationships that are established between them. In the shared background, it is always present, in some way, the problematic of knowledge as a decisive vector of current society, in structural and dynamic terms.


Patrícia Ávila
Patrícia Ávila
Susana da Cruz Martins
Susana da Cruz Martins


Educational systems, at the national and European levels
Schooling processes and educational trajectories, in primary, secondary and higher education
International (European) comparative analyses on study and living conditions of higher education students
Literacy, multiliteracies and digital society
Adult learning and education
Polytechnic higher education networks
European and North American university international partnerships
Prospects for doctoral programs, nationally and internationally
European policies on science and society
Public communication of scientific research centers
Sources of information, trust in science and risk perceptions on Covid-19
Public communication of research universities, in international perspective


In the research it develops on these themes, the group is guided by standards of high scientific quality, seeking to achieve effective results for the advancement of knowledge in these two areas and participating significantly in the international scientific community. No less important is the orientation of most of the projects developed by its researchers to lead to results with strong social impact, both in the rationale, implementation and evaluation of public policies on education and training and public policies on science, technology and innovation, and in the public dissemination of relevant research results in these fields to citizens and civil society organizations.

The Education and Science Research Group has had a strong commitment to the integration of young researchers, both in the advanced training of doctoral students and in the participation of post-doctoral researchers in projects and other scientific activities, encouraging them to develop their own research projects, particularly internationally.


Education and schooling processes;
Literacy and Skills;
Science, technology and society;
Education, science, and digital transformations.