Cultural Diversity in Contemporary Families
The Seminar Cultural Diversity in Contemporary Families aims to develop a critical and interdisciplinary debate on contemporary families where cultural diversity can be found. In this Seminar we address specific situations lived by these families, such as binational, interracial and interethnic marriages and divorces; conjugal dynamics; children educational practices; linguistic diversity; and sharing and negotiation of identities, traditions, symbols and rituals.

It is an event opened to researchers, academics, students, professionals, civil society, and everyone interested in these topics. This Seminar takes place every two months, and includes a paper presentation by one or more researchers, a critical comment from a specialist, followed by debate with the public.

This Seminar intends to disseminate individual and team research results. While inviting social and humanity sciences’ researchers, as well as representatives of public policies, we wish to enlarge research networks and increase scientific and public knowledge in these areas of study.

Organisation: Sofia Gaspar and Rita Cachado