New Technologies for Deliberative Democracy at Scale
22 March 2023 | Anna De Liddo

Integrated in the Monthly Cycle of Seminars Social Movements and Political Action, the seminar "New Technologies for Deliberative Democracy at Scale: A Discourse-based Collective Intelligence Research and Applications perspective" will take place on the afternoon of March 22, at 06pm in a hybrid format.



Anna De Liddo (Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University)



Iscte, Aud. J.J. Laginha






Anna De Liddo is Professor of Human-Computer Interaction and Director of Research at the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University (UK). Her research focuses on the study of Collective Intelligence facilitated through new forms of Dialogue and Deliberation. She leads the Intelligent Deliberation Group (IDea: which investigates theories methods and tools accounting for the centrality of social interaction and discourse in public engagement, urban informatics, e-democracy and social innovation contexts. In the past 15 years Anna led the design and development of 8 different Collective Intelligence technologies (Cohere, The Evidence Hub, LiteMap, DebateHub, CIdashboard, Democratic Reflection, Democratic Replay, which have been adopted by 17,000+ people worldwide. The significance of Anna’s research is seen in contexts such as health, higher education, public engagement and peacebuilding.