Popular Protest, Political Opportunities, and Change in Africa
Seminar | 29 February 2024


The next Seminar on Social Movements and Political Action takes place on February 29th in a hybrid format, at ICS ULisboa and via Link ZOOM, starting at 14:30.

Part of the Social Movements and Political Action Seminar Cycle, the event is organized by Guya Accornero, Tiago Carvalho (CIES-Iscte) and Edalina Sanches (ICS-ULisboa), a partnership between CIES-Iscte and SPARC (ICS-ULisbon Research Group on Social and Political Attitudes).

This session will discuss the Routledge Contemporary Africa Series publication "Popular Protest, Political Opportunities and Change in Africa", edited by Edalina Rodrigues Sanches.



ICS-ULisboa, Room 2




Pass: 209982



Edalina Rodrigues Sanches, Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade de Lisboa

Zachariah Mampilly,  Department of Political Science, City University of New York

María Ángeles Alaminos Hervás, Departamento de Estudios Internacionales, Universidad Loyola

Oscar Mateos, Facultat de Comunicació i Relacions Internacionals Blanquerna, Ramon Llull University